Pricing and Services



Our Pricing is Very Competitive

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management are able to tailor your needs and your budget to achieve the best security outcome at a price you feel represents a fair value for an excellent service.

Ghost will be happy to arrange a one to one meeting, where you are under no obligation or risk of charge. Our intention is to learn about your needs and expectations and help you to determine the best solution. Only when you are fully content with the suggestions and costs will we proceed.

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management offer a wide range of related security services:

Services Include

  • Guarding and or patrolling (commercial/industrial/residential)
  • Safeguarding assets in Transit/ Providing secure transport
  • Providing close personal protection (body guarding)
  • Providing reaction/ response services
  • Ensuring safety and order on premises (sporting/recreational/ entertainment)
  • Providing advice on the protection of persons or property, any other security service or the use of security equipment
  • Manufacturing, importing, distributing, or advertising of monitoring devices
  • Functioning as a private investigator
  • Installing, servicing, or repairing security equipment
  • Monitoring signals from electronic security equipment ( security control room)
  • Providing security at special events
  • ‘’Car watch’’ or related activities

Speed of Installation and Repair

We aim within 48 hours of instruction to install, maintain and repair any alarm system.