The Team

The Team


Ghost-Emblem-SecServGhost Security Services and Risk Management owners, staff and team members are dedicated to your safety and risk management.

It is a fundamental part of being humans to want to feel safe. It does not matter if you are at home, at work, shopping, travelling, at a social event or in desperate need of emergency assistance, feeling protected stabilises our lives.

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management is a family owned and managed security and safety business incorporating traditional family values and a modern streamlined operation. Our company values and our employees’ behaviour reflect cohesion, flexibility, discipline, honesty, integrity, caring and respect.

Founded by Geoff Cloete, and supported by his wife Shannon Cloete, their handpicked and trained team of security personnel and administrative staff are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your security expectations.

Our officers are successful at what they do because the local and visiting community members do not always know who our officers are. This helps maintain discreet advantage in our ongoing crime prevention strategies, but all officers are individually introduced to our clients.

Criminal activities and emergency care are ever increasing challenges presenting a growing demand for security companies to provide a fully integrated security service. Many individuals, farms and businesses may ignore security demands due to the cost implications. Ghost Security Services and Risk Management are a security business that provides a fair combination of cost, quality and expertise.

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management believe in fair business practices and we strive to maintain a competitive edge. We assess and manage clients’ risk profiles and tailor their security solutions to suit their specific needs and requirements. Our esteemed and growing client list is testimony to the type of service we render.

The Ghost Security Services and Risk Management head office is in the heart of Greyton and the business is registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority ( PSIRA ).

Property and Private Estate Owners

Homeowners should treat security as a priority and ensure that they employ a professional security company. With us you have total peace of mind that you are taken care of. We will install your surveillance solution, provide patrolling guards, effective access control and armed response services.

Armed Response

Our armed response personnel are equipped and trained to assess the situation, react instantly and call for the necessary support. They make use of dependable vehicles and equipment backed by a fully operational call centre and regular training.