24/7 Emergency Control Room

24/7 Emergency Control Room

24 Hour Monitoring Systems

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management’s monitored system connects your Business, Farm & Home to our 24-hour Control Room, which means we always know what’s happening with your security system and can also inform you. Our Control Room is directly linked to all necessary emergency services such as SAPS, Fire & Rescue, Hospitals and Ambulance Services, Disaster Management and local municipalities.

Most insurers will insist on a Monitored Intruder Alarm System (MIAS). These provide 24-hour monitoring of your intruder and fire alarm. We also offer tailor made monitoring packages specifically for industrial and commercial properties.

Unique Advantages

Our highly skilled and efficient team perform an outstanding 24-hour monitoring service throughout the country. Our security systems and services are tailored to suit your own individual requirements, providing reliable alarm systems, access control solutions and CCTV cameras to protect your home or business. We aim to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour against any property, no matter what type or size!