Our Team

Our Team

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management directors, security officers, team members and support staff are dedicated to your safety and risk management.

It is a fundamental part of being human to want to feel safe. It does not matter if you are at home, at work, shopping, travelling, at a social event or in desperate need of emergency assistance, feeling protected stabilises our lives.

Criminal activities and emergency care are ever increasing challenges presenting a growing demand for security companies to provide a fully integrated security service. Many individuals, farms and businesses may ignore security demands due to the cost implications. Ghost Security Services and Risk Management is a security business that provides a fair combination of expertise, quality and cost.

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management believes in fair business practices and we strive to maintain a competitive edge. We assess and manage clients’ risk profiles and tailor their security solutions to suit their specific needs and requirements. Our esteemed and growing client list is a testimony to the type of service we render.

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management’s head office is in the heart of the Overberg.