Ghost recommendation
Dear Ghost

Ref: Installation and Management of Farm Alarm System

We commissioned a security review and alarm installation plan for our farm from your company. The project was extensive and required numerous reviews and evolutions.

Throughout the development stage and installation, we were kept informed and supported, advice from Ghost was considered and the reality of making the management of the alarm simple and effective was never lost as a primary focus.

Expert assistance from your technical officer and additional alarm support from the manufacturers were combined to produce a skillful, neat and unobtrusive installation.

Ghost have been highly supportive, willing to refine the project, explain and develop proposed solutions and kept us and our properties safety and suitability in clear focus at all times.

The result is a very usable, and adaptable, comprehensive alarm system, backed up by prompt response services with a clear, affordable, management plan for the future security of our farm and occupants.

Greyton is a wonderful village and community, and whilst all residents and visitors would like to think that crime is a rare and minor risk, there are unfortunately people whose selfish actions change this perception for the worse. No one living here wants to hide behind barbed wire and fortress gates. The sensible practical steps recommended by Ghost help to significantly reduce the risk of property and personal risk from the actions of the troublesome few.
Greyton farm owner.