About Us

About Ghost Security Services and Risk Management

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management is a family owned and managed security and risk management business incorporating traditional family values and a modern streamlined operation. Our company values and our employees’ behaviour reflect cohesion, flexibility, discipline, honesty, integrity, caring and respect.

Founded by Geoff Cloete, and supported by his wife, their handpicked and trained team of security personnel and administrative staff are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your security expectations.

Our officers are successful at what they do because of the local and visiting community members do not always know who our officers are. This helps maintain a discreet advantage in our ongoing crime prevention strategies, but all officers are individually introduced to our clients.

Our vision is REAL help, REAL fast!

Our mission:

  • To offer personalised, professional security for individuals in regard to their persons, properties, assets and offer them peace of mind regarding these.
  • To maintain a degree of excellence and accountability in every aspect of our interaction with our clients.
  • To treat each client as our only and offer them the level of security they would receive if they were to be our only client.

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management’s commitment to you

  • Ghost is diligent with regard to the compulsory training and grading of security personnel;
  • Ghost provides their security personnel with the particular instructions related to each of their postings, and such instructions, whether written or oral, are necessarily clear, understandable and accessible;
  • Ghost ensures clear lines of communication exist between our security personnel and the security companies, especially in cases of emergency, and Ghost ensures security companies provide the means to enable such communication; and
  • Ghost ensures its security personnel are trained in the nature of the criminal trends in the area as well as the appropriate security responses required to meet and exceed your expectations.

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management also ensures its staff and security officers must, at a minimum, have the following personal attributes and competencies:

  • Honesty, integrity and loyalty to both their employers and the persons and property being guarded by them.
  • Ability to receive instruction and translate the content efficiently and promptly.
  • Responsive, alert and attentive to the requirements of the shift.
  • Mindfulness of the responsibilities of providing security including watchfulness, wariness and lack of gullibility; and
  • Visibility, physical mobility and the ability to respond appropriately.

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management also takes all reasonable steps to ensure security personnel receive the appropriate recruitment and training and that they operate in an enabling working environment.