Armed Response

Armed Response

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management’s Armed Response teams are trained and able to respond to high-risk situations and are effective first responders.
We aim to offer our clients immediate assistance during high-stress moments and are able to take control of situations to ensure the safety of persons and property at risk.

Whilst the Overberg has a relatively low level of crime, there are, unfortunately, increasingly common episodes of crime. In conjunction with the SAPS, Ghost Security Services and Risk Management is dedicated to offering effective security care. The intention is to compress crime, reduce risk and manage situations effectively.

Providing an armed response team in South Africa is a complicated and specialised area of crime prevention. In addition to suitable self-defence training, each of the licensed members of the Ghost team of armed responders undergoes regular training. Extensive firearm instruction is essential for all individuals in the security industry.

The ability to identify suspicious individuals by examining their body language and habits as well as the correct protocol to undertake when approaching a suspect is vital. Armed response teams are trained in various arresting techniques to apprehend criminals who may resist arrest and become violent.

Judicial Use of Force Management is at all times implemented by all of Ghost’s Security Officers.

The following actions are to be taken by any security officer in response to the actions taken by the suspect.

1. – Suspicious Behaviour – Verbal Order
2. – Refusing Orders – Use of Restraint Equipment (Handcuffs)
3. – Attempted Assault on Staff
– Self-Injurious Behaviour
– Physical handling
– Escort
4. – Assault
– Possession of a Weapon
– Use of Chemical Agents (Pepper spray/ Tear gas)
5. – Use of a Weapon – Charging a Firearm


Although the Overberg’s crime level has increased in recent times, Ghost in partnership with other local organisations has created multiple actions plans to combat and attempt to eradicate crime in our area.

Everyone can become personally involved in the fight against crime. Take your own security seriously. The basics cannot be mentioned enough! Make contact with your neighbours, lock your doors, arm (maintained) alarms, and employ a reputable security provider.

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