Alarm Installation and Management

Alarm Installation and Management

Ghost is able to install a new alarm system or maintain and manage an existing system.Ghost-Emblem-SecServ

For those of our customers who wish to take advantage of this we have a standard policy to assist both parties understand the process and ensure outcomes are matched.

First of All:

Our technical team who will be primarily responsible for all relevant work are to be contacted by e-mail to book in installations, management and repairs.

Their contact e-mail is:


Once we have received your e-mail or written request, we will organise a mutually suitable date and time for your work to be undertaken.


Where your request is to install equipment or there is a fee associated with the request, Ghost require a 70% deposit and suitable proof of payment before the work or ordering of the alarm equipment may commence.

Balancing payments (30%) must be made within 3 working days of the job being completed and signed off.

Proof of payments are to be sent to:

Customer Care:

To improve our customer care further we have created an agreement document, to manage personnel and provide clear explanations of the work booked.

This agreement will also ensure you provide authority for our technical and other related staff to enter your property, and provide opportunity for you or your representative to confirm the requested work has been satisfactorily completed.

On Site Observation Request:

Ghost request all clients to make sure that either the home owner, appointed manager or approved occupant be on the property during the work so that they may sign the agreement at the end of the work and confirm all tasks listed have been completed.