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Oct 14

Cellular Backup: A Home Security Essential

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What happens if a burglar disables your land-line phone, your home experiences a power blackout/cut, or you lose your Internet connectivity? Will your current home security system still offer you protection? It all depends on how your system is configured and whether backups are in place to ensure uninterrupted monitoring. We recommend our clients include […]

Aug 20

DNA – Do Not Disturb A Crime Scene

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CRIME SCENE AWARENESS Criminals in South Africa are getting away with murder. Literally. Enter DNA profiling: the 21st Century Detective. The DNA Project, a Non-profit organisation is raising awareness of the need to expand and develop our National DNA Database, as a major crime fighting tool to ensure accountability and deterrence amongst its criminal population. […]

Aug 19

PSIRA Inspections

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The private security industry in South Africa is experiencing a number of intersecting pressures. This sector of the employment generating business has seen exponential growth in the last 10 years driven in large part by a sense of insufficient confidence in the willingness and ability of the SAPS to meet people’s concerns about the risk […]