Vehicles and Patrols

Fast Response

Vehicles and Patrols

vehicles-montageGreyton has a relatively small geographical spread of homes and businesses, yet in the event that you need security assistance speed of arrival is essential. Ghost Security Services and Risk Management regularly invest in suitable vehicles to ensure their staff can be on site, whether you are a farm owner or a village resident, quickly and safely.

Whilst foot patrols are also an essential part of the overall service delivery and security support provided by Ghost they are not adequate on their own to meet the expectations of our customers and to fully defeat the concerns that people have about crime.

Our main service vehicles are easy to identify, we have our badge and company name on each of them, should you have a concern about people or property just flag our security personnel down, they will he happy to assist.

Should you wish to ask about the services we can supply, our personnel will be happy to pass on our contact details and advice on who to speak to.


Control Room: +27 (0) 28 254 9906
Emergency Cell: +27 (0) 713 143 604