Keyholder Response

Keyholder Response

Ghost-Emblem-SecServGhost Security Services and Risk Management know what means the most to you, your family, your home, your independence, your saved memories and your piece of mind. Installing a Ghost approved alarm can help you protect all of these and other things most precious to you.

Our dedicated Greyton based 24 hour emergency control centre will mean prompt and efficient response to alarm activations and will ensure that if your alarm is activated it will not be ignored.

We can contact you, your elected and acknowledged key holder, or we can hold keys for you, ensuring access to your home is undertaken promptly and with no risk of delay.

Our control room holds all keys in a secure environment. They are tagged and carefully identified to ensure quick recovery in the event they are needed.

We can liaise promptly with the fire, ambulance and police services, as well as glaziers and carpenters in the event of damage needing to be repaired whilst you are away.

What being a Key Holder Means

Ghost Security Services and Risk Management provide a secure home for keys to assist in the security management of your property, the advantages for residents and non residents are that their property may be accessed quickly in the event of a security or safety breach.

However, due to the practicalities involved, we do not offer a key management service, by which we mean we cannot fulfill the role of ‘access assistant’ for guests, domestics, gardeners and service people. Nor can we offer or provide a key delivery or collection service for owners or guests. Keys must be retained on the Ghosts premises under the control of a member of staff until the security contract owner collects them, or an authorised representative is able to do so.

Why not call 028 254 9906 and speak to one of our administration team to arrange a ‘no risk no cost’ meeting to explore how appointing Ghost Security Services and Risk Management as a key holder may provide you peace of mind.

We can should you wish it, arrange a free security health check of your home.  After which your new burglar alarm could be installed or existing one transferred to our care and you can be protecting your family and home within a few days.

We look forward to helping you decide what you need for your home or business to ensure your security expectations and needs are met.