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Jan 9

Load Shedding Related Security Tips

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Jan 9

Ghost-Emblem-SecServIt is highly unlikely that the problems related to Eskom and the supply of power is going to improve for many months. So we here at Ghost thought that the following planning suggestions may help you to manage the inconvenience more effectively and keep your security tip top.

  1. Know where you keep keys for any automated gates that may be affected by the power outages, and check they are all working.
  2. Check that the battery you use to back up your alarm is in good order, and replace it if you have any doubts. Under normal circumstances, the backup battery will power the system for eight hours, however, this is dependent on a number of factors such as how many devices are linked to the panel, the age of the battery, and how many power failures or power spikes are experienced in the area (these tend to deteriorate the life span of the battery).
  3. Ghost advises homeowners to check that their security service provider has installed their alarm via the telephone line – this is vitally important (as this is the only way to be able to remotely advise your battery is running low. Have your alarm systems serviced on an annual basis and the battery checked at the same time.
  4. If you have outside beams or an electric fence, check the batteries on these also.
  5. Keep spare batteries for torches, have a stock of candles and matches, if you have solar powered lights clean the panels and keep them charged. Consider installing battery operated lights at strategic points in your home – these are connected to the main electricity supply and automatically switch on during a power failure. These lights are particularly handy in the evenings and are safer than candles.
  6. Be vigilant at all times, especially at night and whenever there is a power outage in your area.
  7. Keep your cell phone on charge as much as possible so you do not run out of power at a crucial time.
  8. When out and about (not in Greyton!) check all robot managed junctions carefully as lights may be out.
  9. Keep the fridge and freezer doors closed, unless absolutely necessary.
  10. Keep a flask of hot water primed in case you want a hot drink.
  11. Keep a bit of cash, ATM’s may also be out of action just when you need to buy something.
  12. Maybe keep a bit more tinned or dry goods in stock, that can be cooked on a braai, or on top of the wood stove or gas cooker.
  13. Consider investing in solar back up batteries for the house, or even a generator.
  14. Call Ghosts monitoring centre immediately if you have accidentally set off your alarm system. We really appreciate it.


If a Ghost client feels that at any time during a power failure they are at risk from a genuine emergency, they are encouraged to press their panic button (if you have one) or contact the control room emergency number on Control Room:028 254 9966 or the Emergency Cell: 0713 143 604  . These numbers should ideally be stored on speed-dial on your cellphone. By doing this, Ghost can then prioritise the signals accordingly.

Clients must also be aware that the power cuts/load shedding can have an impact on fire systems and fire control systems. With candles, gas and other lighting devices being used more often, these can result in an increased fire hazard and home fire extinguishers should be kept on hand and be checked to ensure they are up to date.

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