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The following suggestions are derived from an article in the UKs Guardian newspaper, when a former house burglar turned security consultant was asked what thieves look for when deciding whether to break in or not.

He says:

Burglars look for properties that are likely to offer easy entry. A simple example is an open garden gate: “If it’s left swinging invitingly wide open, you are probably a bit lax. And if that applies at the front of your property, it is likely to apply doubly around the back of your house.”

And pets don’t always act as a deterrent either.  The ex-burglar advised:

“People who have pets often don’t turn on their burglar alarms because they don’t want their cat or dog to set it off. So when you see a sign saying ‘Beware of the dog,’ you don’t walk past. Instead you think, ‘This could be the one for me’.”

This ex-burglar’s top tips for securing your home are:

  • Start with the front door – Because that is what burglars do. If your front door looks tatty or only has one lock instead of a cylinder lock plus deadlock (mortise), it will catch a thief’s eye.
  • Defend your alley – Make sure your side gate doesn’t have a convenient handle for the thief to step onto and over. Put some trellis on top, too: burglars hate it because it snaps.
  • Keep things hidden – To the passing burglar, your sitting room is like a shop window. Use curtains and blinds, so it’s difficult to see in.  But make sure your window locks are visible.
  • Cage your letterbox on the inside – This prevents burglars putting a long stick through your letterbox and fishing your keys off the hall table – enabling them to steal your car, too!
  • Lock up your tools – Your shed and garage are extensions of your house. Put at least a couple of locks on the outside, plus wire on the window, so thieves can’t use your garden spade or fork to prise open a door.

And finally…

  • Don’t skimp on the alarm – Get an intruder alarm installed professionally. Burglars can spot cheap systems and dummy alarm boxes a mile off.

A far more effective strategy is to install a home security system that’s tailored to your property and your family’s needs.  Having installed many burglar systems and given peace of mind to many families, we’re pleased to offer you a free, no obligation assessment.

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