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reflective-address-lawn-sign-1795-350x2631How Easy Would it be for the Emergency Service People to Find Your Home in the Dark or Day Time?

Many Greyton residents do not have adequate identification on their houses. In any type of emergency, be it of a security, fire or medical nature, the emergency personnel may have great difficulty finding their way to the correct residence.

Prominent and reflective numbering or clear house names will alleviate this problem. Emergency personnel can find that their services are delayed when members need to search for residences due to the fact that many houses have no numbers on them, or numbers are placed where they cannot be seen.

Think about your home, do people find it easily when visiting for the first time, could you clearly see the house name and number, if not then help your local support service by investing in suitable identification, speak to the skilled craftsmen in town for something with style or visit a hardware store, or encourage a local business to stock suitable numbers.