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Security and safety are key drivers of human need. Ghost Security Services and Risk Management recognise and appreciate that everyone has different perspectives on this and have structured their approach to offer a genuinely personalised approach to these requirements.

Part of this underlying objective is to provide information to help people make better decisions for themselves, to provide simple security tips and advice and to engage with our community as we work together to enhance safety and security, whilst at the same time avoiding the ‘overkill’ of fear driven decisions.

Our many years of experience in the security industry, local knowledge and respect for your own opinions and needs means we will try our very best to meet and exceed your expectations.

We have had our web site designed to reflect our modern and focussed approach to security delivery, we hope you find it interesting and informative, feedback is always welcome and should you like us to come and discuss any security issues with you, at no cost to you, please call us on 028 254 9906 to arrange a mutually suitable time.

Security Tip Of The Blog

Visual Deterrent

Farm signAlarm companies portray their product as a cure-all — an impenetrable force field that takes the uncertainty out of home security. In fact, it doesn’t really stop anyone from breaking in. It does, however, make your home a less favourable target if you use it the right way.

Alarms seem pretty fool proof. Install. Activate. Remember to turn on. Trusted people get the passcode, others trigger the blaring. The thing about alarms, though, is that the noise happens after the fact. Somebody has already broken in, has probably already taken whatever small valuables were closest to the door and has gotten away by the time the alarm company alerts the police. Ghost Security Personnel are trained to act quickly and decisively to check your property and respond accordingly, making the combination of alarm and local support a powerful deterrent.

In this way a Ghost managed alarm, is not just about peace of mind; if something does happen, help will be on the way quickly. And that’s no small thing. But if you want an alarm to really protect, the criminals have to know it’s there before they target you. That means displaying a visible notice with Ghost’s company’s name on it, and displaying it prominently, outside your property. When people keep it hidden so as not to disturb landscape aesthetics, would-be thieves don’t know the home is any less desirable than the house next door, and the alarm is only an after-the-fact security measure.

The lesson? Alarms are most effective when they’re most obvious. The benefit of using Ghost is their superb new signs, that are aesthetically and visually effective at letting people know your home, business and Farm are protected by professionals.